Free standing kitchens

More and more I'm interested in freestanding kitchens, because the way the compromise between functionality and warmth.
In general I love kitchens that make you feel at home, where you can be surrounded by your things, and when you come back after a day of work even looking at the morning cereals is kind of reassuring, on the other side I'm quite demanding in terms of functionality and storage space and my ideal is a professional kitchen, easy to clean and comfortable to use.
Freestanding kitchens matching materials like stainless steel and wood are a really good solution.
Here is my choice:

Freestanding teak and stainless steel kitchen by Riva 1920
Teak wood sink for this freestanding kitchen by Riva 1920
Outdoor kitchen - maybe a bit of a push for a kitchen as beautiful as this
again by Riva 1920

Hansen - superb danish kitchen design -
 here you see an example made in maple wood.
Freestanding Kitchen by Hansen

Hansen Kitchen Island
I'm desperately in love with this

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