The elements that you must add to a marble kitchen

Marble - carrara style - white kitchen cabinets, wood bar worktop and golden brass lighting - a perfect match
The Pavillion house - Arent & Pike

Another view on this stunning kitchen - the ingredients are simple white cupboards wrapped in marble, wood and the golden touch to add warmth and preciousness.
The Pavillion house - Arent & Pike

Studio Karin - a modern grey kitchen with white marble worktop and splash-back - the wooden floor add warmth

wood kitchen cabinets and marble, and again a touch of gold to make it precious. The open shelves add to the sense of warmth of this kitchen. 

a much more minimalist look, in this black and white kitchen, where the marble is the only grey and warm element. the picture though wouldn't have been the same without the little wooden cutting board on the worktop. 

Marble block island and plain white kitchen units - again wood is an important element to add warmth

Architectural aspects of Tunisia

Tunisia - copyright: Veronica Azaryan

Tunisia - copyright: Veronica Azaryan

Blending into Nature

Grotto Sauna in Canada - interior with a view

Grotto Sauna in Canada - interior

Grotto Sauna - exterior - straight lines to crate contrast with the softness of the interior 

Grotto Sauna Canada - built within the rock - the window a mirror reflecting the bay 

Grotto Sauna Canada - the roof/deck

Grotto Sauna Canada - The sauna in its setting 
 An amazing project by Partisan

miniature exotic gardens 10 inspiring pictures

A collection of images that might be helpful to inspire your bamboo city garden or courtyard...

bamboo box olive trees gravel wood and stone floor

bamboo and acer, tiled courtyard 

cement planter bamboo and low grasses in a courtyard floored with cement slabs and gravel 

exotic/japanese feel for this small city garden, grasses and bamboo and big big stones

I find this garden very inspiring, fern climbing hop and silver birch co-hexist creating a bare yet luxurious feel.

grasses must be the most amazing way to create relaxation, they move with the wind, and make a fantastic noise.
Add them to any size garden but in quantity!!

forget-you-are-in-the-city type of garden with topiary box, free style and slightly overgrown plants, hosta fern and climbers (right corner) , most definitely a success 
ingredients of this urban oasis: bamboo, wood, cement, gravel, fire -
all you need for an intimate city courtyard that is all about relaxation and good time 

I've added this picture before, but I think it is one amazing space, I recognise bamboo hosta and fern the climber could be ivy? and a less structured tree in the left corner adds texture. Love the cement steps and flooring

this picture inspire me to use grasses and limestone slabs, to create an effortless, wild city oasis

Staircase - the details

Solid wood balustrade for this fabric-like staircase. 
A solid wood staircase that split to become storage
White metal staircase with storage under

Dolmen by Enzo Berti for Lando

Dolmen Kitchen designed by Enzo Berti for Lando, is part of the Convivio Collection.  
A stunningly designed 260 X 80 kitchen that includes hobs extractor, sink, the worktop is made of Calacatta marble, mat. 

The Convivio collection designed by the architect Enzo Berti stands out for its strong sculptural impact, and it is included in a design that highlights the real values of a traditional kitchen, both warm and comforting. From this point of view, he articulated a process of nostalgic return to the concept of the hearth: a true source of inspiration of the collection that puts the element of “function” front and centre.

With the stove in the centre of the room, the original place for the chimney has been indulged: the heart around which the entire collection is arranged in a series of elements that lead us back to the idea of conviviality and of the “seated stars” such as tables, benches and chairs. The materials used are definitely one of the special features of the collection: the items are only made from solid wood, available in different woods, marble and worked stainless steel, whose treatment results in a typically “warm” and “aged” finish.

SLOPE Pendants

Created by Milan-based design studio Skrivo in collaboration with the Italian brand Miniforms, this  combination of  two distinctly different materials, steel & wood, creates a beautiful contrast and the carved wood gives an extra dimension to this object creating multiple profiles depending on the viewer's angle.

Dimensions: ø 18 cm – H. 34 cm; ø 14 cm – H. 19 cm; ø 20 cm – H. 14 cm.  
Ingredients for 2

1 beetroot raw and some rosemary for flvouring
1 and a half cup of quinoa
baby spinach leaves
3 celery stalks
1 bufalo mozzarella
2 spring onion
small bunch parsley
small bunch coriander
a table spoon of salted capers washed
sesame seeds
e.v. olive oil
olives (optional)

Cut 1 beetroot in to small little pieces (caviar way) and put them in a pan with a tiny bit of water add a pinch of salt and a pinch amount of sugar (I used a splash agave syrup). Add a little bit of rosemary ad let cook for a 10 minutes until soft, add more water if necessary.

Cook 1 and a half cup of quinoa in boiling water for 9 minutes, let it drain and leave on the side.

Prepare a salad with baby spinach leaves and thinly sliced celery and dress it with a vinaigrette made of balsamic, salt and EV olive oil.

Slice 2 spring onions 1 bunch of coriander and one of parsley and some capers and add to the quinoa in a bowl. Once cooked, also mix in the beetroot. Dress the quinoa with e.v. olive oil, lemon juice and add adjust the salt if needed.

Toast some sesame seeds in a dry pan.

Plate the salad on the plate and add at the center some quinoa, above place half mozzarella sprinkle with abundant e.v. olive add freshly grounded black pepper and sprinkle some sesame seads on top.

I severed it with some olives on the side...  highly recommended!!

mozzarella di bufala with beetroot quinoa and spinach salad

mozzarella di bufala with beetroot quinoa and spinach salad

mozzarella di bufala with beetroot quinoa and spinach salad