Dolmen by Enzo Berti for Lando

Dolmen Kitchen designed by Enzo Berti for Lando, is part of the Convivio Collection.  
A stunningly designed 260 X 80 kitchen that includes hobs extractor, sink, the worktop is made of Calacatta marble, mat. 

The Convivio collection designed by the architect Enzo Berti stands out for its strong sculptural impact, and it is included in a design that highlights the real values of a traditional kitchen, both warm and comforting. From this point of view, he articulated a process of nostalgic return to the concept of the hearth: a true source of inspiration of the collection that puts the element of “function” front and centre.

With the stove in the centre of the room, the original place for the chimney has been indulged: the heart around which the entire collection is arranged in a series of elements that lead us back to the idea of conviviality and of the “seated stars” such as tables, benches and chairs. The materials used are definitely one of the special features of the collection: the items are only made from solid wood, available in different woods, marble and worked stainless steel, whose treatment results in a typically “warm” and “aged” finish.