miniature exotic gardens 10 inspiring pictures

A collection of images that might be helpful to inspire your bamboo city garden or courtyard...

bamboo box olive trees gravel wood and stone floor

bamboo and acer, tiled courtyard 

cement planter bamboo and low grasses in a courtyard floored with cement slabs and gravel 

exotic/japanese feel for this small city garden, grasses and bamboo and big big stones

I find this garden very inspiring, fern climbing hop and silver birch co-hexist creating a bare yet luxurious feel.

grasses must be the most amazing way to create relaxation, they move with the wind, and make a fantastic noise.
Add them to any size garden but in quantity!!

forget-you-are-in-the-city type of garden with topiary box, free style and slightly overgrown plants, hosta fern and climbers (right corner) , most definitely a success 
ingredients of this urban oasis: bamboo, wood, cement, gravel, fire -
all you need for an intimate city courtyard that is all about relaxation and good time 

I've added this picture before, but I think it is one amazing space, I recognise bamboo hosta and fern the climber could be ivy? and a less structured tree in the left corner adds texture. Love the cement steps and flooring

this picture inspire me to use grasses and limestone slabs, to create an effortless, wild city oasis

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