Not the usual pull out bed

Pull out beds are always associated with cheap design and poor quality. But this is definitely not true when you talk about a pull out bed made by Futura, the company that invented the first pull out bed mechanismsn (by - Mr Luigi Recalcati)
The company offers a huge variety of sofas, armchairs and poufs that become beds if necessary, all of them have a distinctive design and great functionality.
I went to visit their show room and I was really impressed with the quality of the products and also with the beauty of some of them.
The first couch I want to present in my blog is Game that becomes a double chaise long or a double bed 153X200 without even having to move it away from the wall. Pure genius (Ps: it is a patented system)

Game by Futura 

Game by Futura
the couch becomes a double bed

Game by Futura
the couch becomes a chaise long

Game by Futura
the couch becomes a double chaise long


  1. This stunning bed is designed Ruijssenaars Janjaap and is certainly one of the more beds you can find today. Bed uses magnets to keep it floating. In order to prevent bed drifting in strong winds, the cables are connected to every corner of the bed on top. However, such an amazing feature affects the mind numbing price of $ 1,530,000.