Wallpaper on the floor

I said I had another super discovery that made me real happy, and I'm going to share it with you now...
Ok, I know it sounds a little crazy considering that I'm not even very fond of wallpaper really. But I found a product that protects the wallpaper, so that you could even cover the floor with your favourite wallpaper.

I'm not interested in doing that by the way, my real interest for this product (combined with the custom made wallpaper) is to decorate the wall behind the bathtub with a picture of a wood. So taht when I take a bath I fell like I'm surrounded by nature..

Wall paper applied on walls and floor. Protected by Rapoxy.

Floor covered with wallpaper protected by Rapoxy
So, this product comes handy because you can apply it and in created a protective layer on the wallpaper (like glass) that is water resistant Uv resistant resistant against stains and chemical and scratch - resistant
You could even use it to decorate blinds or furniture with wallpaper.
The wallpapers are Janelli & Volpi.

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