Feature Walls

A collection of ideas to make one of your walls the feature wall of a space.

In a all-white environment a dark wall makes the perfect feature and
incredibly in this case it doesn't make the rom feel any darker or the space less white.
The trick is the window!
via littlewintermarket.com
In the case it'a a Photo making the difference and
creating the idea of space and  the ambient for this dining room.
Clever! via alkemie.blogspot.com
As I said before on this blog this effect can be achieved with a custom made wall paper
go to the article
and if the wall you want to highlight is in the bathroom
here isa clever solution to make your wallpaper waterproof
Make your exposed brick wall the feature of your living room.
In this case the plain cement floor give to this feature wall even more character
via designsponge
Wood feature wall grupocosmic.com
The stone wall  makes this bathroom quite calming and warm
via thelennoxx.com

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